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Web Software

What is web software; It means having all the plugins and controls you want on your website together. The issue of how the website is made, which is perhaps one of the most curious subjects of internet users, is realized with web software. This situation, which is realized thanks to the web software, is divided into two stages as the part that the user can see and the part that the user cannot see.

At the stage where the user can see; website's design, logo and content. It is the stage that can be called the brain of the website at the stage that the user cannot see. At this stage, it is aimed for the user to use the website safely, comfortably and without any problems. Especially social media, E-Commerce, banking etc. The security of user information is of great importance these days, where fields are widely used.

What are Web Software Types?
HTML: It is the easiest to use web software. Thanks to this software; The owner of the website can determine what and where the internet users see and prevents the user from taking any action on the site. This software; It ensures that web pages containing content, images and videos are correctly detected by the browser and that page is opened on the user's screen.
.Net, ASP, PHP, Java Script, Flash: All these software languages ​​have emerged to add different features to web pages prepared with HTML software. For example, website owners who want to get the opinions and suggestions of internet users on the web page and reach these opinions and suggestions can access these requests by using these software languages. In this way, web users who cannot interfere with the website will also record data. At the same time, these software also play a role in making shopping, banking transactions and many other transactions over the internet. In order to protect the information exchange between the user and the server in such transactions based on information and personal security, these software have been developed and made complicated.

Where is Web Software Used?

You can use the web software for different features you want on your website. If we need to explain with an example, let's say you want an administration panel on your website and you want to be able to change the content of your site, manage its pages and users, and add new content thanks to this panel. All you need to do to do all this is the use of web software. If you do not have any knowledge about web software, we recommend that you work with a web developer to create your project.

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